Random Maze Generator and Solver

Use arrow keys to move around.

Theory of Maze Generator Web-based Game

Web-based games excite everyone. They are the best way to utilize your time. Considering that, we introduced not only a tool that generates the random maze for you to solve, but now you will also be able to play the web-based maze game.

In this popular and exciting puzzle game, your goal is pretty simple. You will have to discover the exit and get out of the maze! Doesn’t it sound thrilling? Use arrow keys to move around and help the green dot navigate through the maze. Reach the yellow spot as soon as possible. If you get stuck in between, need not worry. Click the “solve” button and it will lead you to the end of the maze.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now. Make sure you don’t get lost and finish all of the levels!