Wheel of Fortune Tarot and Fortune meaning/usage

Wheel of Fortune – A wheel of life

The Wheel of Fortune is basically the wheel of life. Each day we have to come across so many things that may affect our mental health too.  But no matter what may happen in our daily lives, we keep moving forward in life. Because that’s a part of life. Life in the name of moving and thinking ahead. For that purpose, the wheel of life keeps spinning, giving the lessons of life and explaining the direction we need to take in life and continually cause us to remain alert. We can never really realize what is coming straight away and when the Wheel of Fortune appears, there is a need to relinquish the haggle of the universe to take you where you should be.

It is my firm belief that Wheel of life and Wheel of Fortune, as the name wheel suggests that something will move in a circle. It’s like karma. Similarly, everything in our universe works in cycles. Everything has a start, center, and end. When it ends, there are full chances for it to get started again. Nothing exists everlastingly but we generally end up back toward the start of a cycle whenever we’ve finished the final remaining one. To keep an equilibrium and balance in life, we need to find out a pivot or the center just like the wheel spins around its center. Realign ourselves with what is happening around us and permit the synchronicities to stream to us.

Tarot cards

According to Wikipedia world encyclopedia, the tarot which was first referred to as trionfi and later as tarocchi or tarock) is a pack of playing a card game, utilized from essentially the mid-fifteenth century in different pieces of Europe to mess around, for example, Italian tarocchini, French tarot, and Austrian Königrufen, a large number of which are as yet played today. In the late eighteenth century, some tarot decks started to be utilized for divination through tarot card perusing and cartomancy prompting custom decks produced for such mysterious purposes.

Suites of Tarot

Like the normal playing a card game, the tarot has four suites which shift by district:

  1. French suites in Northern Europe
  2. Latin suites in Southern Europe
  3. German suites in Central Europe.

Cards in each Suite

Each suite has 14 cards: ten pip cards numbering from one (or Ace) to ten, and four face cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Jack/Knave/Page). Furthermore, the tarot has a different 21-card trump suit and a solitary card known as the Fool; this 22-card segment of the tarot deck is referred to in divinatory circles as the major arcana. These tarot cards are as yet utilized all through quite a bit of Europe to play ordinary games without mysterious affiliations.

Use of tarot cards

Among English-talking nations where these games are not played oftentimes, tarot cards are utilized principally for oddity and divinatory purposes, typically utilizing uniquely planned packs. Some who use tarot for cartomancy accept that the cards have recondite connections to antiquated Egypt, the Kabbalah, Indian Tantra, or the I Ching. However academic exploration has shown that tarot cards were designed in northern Italy in the fifteenth century. They affirm that there is no recorded proof of the use of tarot for divination before the late eighteenth century.

Meaning of Wheel of fortune in Upright position

In the upright position, the wheel of fortune has a positive meaning and it is all about luck and the things which are in our favor. As I have explained above that the life is the name of moving forward, so one should always keep in mind that whatever is going in life is just for the time being AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS. And life will give you more and more chances to take another step in life.

Considering that, we can take the meaning of Fortune Wheel in the upright position as

  • Luck
  • Fate
  • Felicity
  • Destiny
  • Moving in Circle (around pivot)
  • Fortune

The good thing about the wheel of fortune is that when it shows up in your tarot then it means that your job here is done. Just take a deep breath now because luck, fate, and destiny are in the hands of the universe now. Now let the universe give you relief by doing its magic. It will return you all your power that was somehow drained out.

Meaning of Wheel of fortune in the reversed position

Just like the fortune wheel had a meaning in the upright position, similar to that it has a meaning in reversed or downward position too. As it the clear from the name, it is our own tone and voice that may try to resist the way to move and spin the way it usually does. We feel that things are getting out of control. We feel ourselves getting panicked at the minor things and it becomes hard for us to hold it inside of us. So here, the wheel of fortune helps us re-thinking the stuff which we were holding so tight.

Consider these reverse changes, the meaning of reverse wheel of fortune is:

  • Control
  • Bad Omen
  • Not accepting the Changes
  • Gloom
  • Let go of things
  • Rigidity

Similarities and differences between Death Card and Wheel of fortune

There consider being some similarities between the death card and the wheel of fortune. Since both of them represent behavioral change. It makes us change our attitude. While they may be different slightly in the terms that wheel of fortune refers to those changes that come with the flow of life, a flow of cycle that will keep on going, rather than the stagnant changes, that lead us to ponder over the direction of life again.

Perusing The Wheel of Fortune

While perusing the wheel of fortune, it usually implies that a cycle that we had started earlier could be reaching a conclusion or that we’re going to end up in a circumstance where we have next to no influence over the result. We need not worry about the outcomes and the conclusions. With this card being the tenth Major Arcana card, there is a ‘wrapping up’ energy that we frequently feel in the 10’s inside the Minor Arcana. There is something new coming in and we presently need to allow the things to play out naturally and advise ourselves that it is what it is.

  1. Let go off of things with tarot card – As invitation

The Wheel of Fortune is a challenge to give up, to unwind, and permit the chips to fall where they may. We’re not needed to do a lot. Rather, we just need to work and focus on ourselves only that how we are moving toward the circumstance. We are welcome to place our confidence in the universe and trust that it has our wellbeing on a basic level.

For The Wheel of Fortune, invitations could be the accompanying:

  • Pass on things to destiny
  • Take a gander at parts of our life where you are making a decent attempt to stay in charge
  • Re-focus yourself to get a clearer perspective on the circumstance
  • Give up to the desire of the universe and see where you land
  1. As a wiser suggestion

There is something extremely astute with regards to the Wheel of Fortune, I generally get the inclination that it knows what you need the most and when you’re acting from a position of the inner self as opposed to empathy. Along these lines, The Wheel of Fortune frequently offers us the absolute best guidance, advice, and suggestions.

Some of the wise suggestions offered by The Wheel of Fortune may include:

  • Assess where you are hanging on too firmly and find ways to surrender control
  • No matter what you do, life will keep on walking advances, regardless of whether you walk with it is dependent upon you
  • The universe has you covered so trust in its aims
  1. Lessons of life

The Wheel of Fortune is loaded up with exercises about our existence and the world we explore each day. We see this learning addressed in the four figures on each side of the Rider Waite-Smith tarot card. These four brilliant figures each have their own book. And they are concentrating up, something we see worked out in the extremely last Major Arcana card, The World, with the figures, at last, having gotten the hang of all they required to inside this specific cycle.

A few exercises offered by the wheel of fortune are:

  • Figure out how much impact you have in your life and where that impact can be found
  • Acknowledge that life isn’t in our control and we need to simply take the path of least resistance
  • Comprehend that we can carry on with various cycles for the duration of our lives. And the change that accompanies them is a chance for development
  • The lesson of change and self-improvement. Particularly the information that we are not similar individuals. That we were the point at which we were conceived. And we will not be similar individuals when we bite the dust


In the conclusion, I’ll just say that The Wheel of Fortune is a card that offers us the opportunity to see the world for how it truly is. It is a card that reminds us about the real world, yet in a delicate way to not make us frenzy and stick to the present much more violently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 What does Wheel of Fortune mean in Tarot?

WHEEL OF FORTUNE—Destiny, fortune, achievement, rise, karma, felicity. Turned around or Reversed: Increase, bounty, pointlessness. The Wheel Of Fortune card, as different cards of the Major Arcana, shifts generally in portrayal between Tarot decks.

2What is the most powerful card in the Tarot?

The Fool is considered to be the most powerful and valuable card amongst all tarot and fortune games.

3 What are the symbols on the wheel of fortune?

The Wheel of Fortune portrays an enormous wheel, designed with the Hebrew letters that make up YHVH, the name of God. Around the wheel are the catalytic images for mercury, sulfur, water and salt – addressing the four components.

4 What tarot card means good fortune?

The Star. Consistent with its name, The Star card brings a great deal of accomplishment and fortune in the event that you get it in a tarot card perusing.

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